Old chairs, new life.

Still River Antiques is Hitchcock’s authorized restorer. Our work is done alongside the new furniture production, using the same finishes, paints, and stencils as new pieces. Every piece done leaves with the Hitchcock warranty on the work done, and is as authentic as the time it was first made.

Full Restoration

Take your worn piece and make it like new again. We refinish, tighten loose joints, and reapply aged decoration to bring your piece from 40 years of wear to like-new condition.

Repair and Reglue

Get your damaged furniture back in commission. Over years chairs loosen up, but a disassembly and reglue will bring them back in working order. Break a leg? We have parts for most pieces.

Used Resale

Our retail store carries restored and vintage pieces from 70 years of Hitchcock history. Get Hitchcock quality at a price point you can afford, or find that elusive piece that seemed lost to the ages.

Ready to bring your old Hitchcock back to life?