Bet you haven’t seen this before.

I mean, we hadn’t.


I’ve mentioned  the Yankee Peddler before. (I think.) This is one piece of several that came from there,and as best we can figure it was made exclusively for the Yankee Peddler. Interesting variant on the old Hitchcock modular set. I’m thinking of the uses. Home office, sewing table, kid’s bedroom or classroom… storage and a large work area generally has a lot of appeal.

It’s on the floor now, and we’ve got more waiting restoration if you prefer a different color. Come on by!



Latest additions

Got a few more additions to our restored inventory in the store.

Lovely Monaco soft maple table from the Hitchcock Country Collection. It’s decorated with the old Maison Rustique French Provincial styling, so not the traditional Hitchcock look.

Goes nicely with the Chalfont Chairs that we just refinished and reupholstered. If you like the look of them, make sure and let us know. Rick has been trying to bring more modern styles to the line and we definitely want to hear what you all are looking for.

6686 Monaco Table
402 Chalfont Side Chair – Set of Four

Upcoming Inventory – Bridal Table

Bride’s Table just entered finishing for resale.

For those of you not up on the older style, the Bride’s Table is the same table as the 6750 Apprentice Table but with slides underneath that let it open to accommodate two insert leaves. The idea behind the name is that it’s the sort of table a couple might get as a wedding gift, since it’s a great size for two people starting out, yet can open to seat company when they entertain. Neat piece, and not something we see often.

Check in shortly – should be seeing it.

Beds, Beds, Beds!

20161208_132856.jpgRecently we acquired something like 400 pieces of vintage Hitchcock Furniture from an inn in Torrington, CT that was closing for remodeling. A lot of it has cycled through into our store already, but we have found ourselves with a significant number of high post beds.

Rick gave me the go ahead to put these on basically a blowout special. Right now, you can get a genuine Hitchcock Four-Poster bed – headboard, footboard, and rails – for $1095 in Queen or $895 in Full! Each bed is gone over by our finishing department to deal with any egregious issues as well as to make sure that they’re structurally sound, so this is a great deal that will last your for decades. Call or email and we’ll tag one for you.

More 407 Chairs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell… we had 8 of these sitting in inventory, and they all sold in the same weekend. Fortunately, we have more going through restoration right now. No definite finish yet, so if you have had your eye on them call now and we’ll do them up specially for you.